There's always more than one side to the story.
(Written By Kieran Somerville)


Book One is centered around Justin David Terrance and his journey from point A to B. Each of the books is a similar idea, with the point A to B being dependent on which one of the main four is focuses on. As each of the four are versions of each other, revealing they are 'splits' or clones of sorts of the original Lillian Merideth Hotchstettler. The visions, the time walking - and working through problematic issues in a supposed pandemic. While not implied in the first draft - he takes on a different last name before realizing he was one of the four. (There were previous editions of this book set - and I am still finishing the first three books before going into combined rewrites and self-edits)


Book Two focuses on Ryan Christopher Hotchstettler and the shared journey of Point A to B. His journey includes a myraid of struggles of not only the visions and time walking - but with the shared fusion abilities. Somedays he forgets that underneath all of his government programming and experiences - that he like the others is Lily (Lillian). The path continues through figuring his role out through the warring factions trying to control not just time - but shut it down for good.

Schism of Synthesis

A double edged sword, and a set of confusion as a life was originally one and becomes two or more? Well, that's usually the plot of this series - but the third book focuses on Rana 'Eri' Hotchstettler and Kristoff 'Daithi' Hotchstettler. It doesn't just focus on a single journey, the path splits into different situations almost like a Choose your Own Adventure. Rana being considered closest to what people think is who Lily once was - was built with a 'weapon switch'. Eventually splitting off Kristoff became the one to take up Justin's mantle in the race to save not just time, but their respective families and history itself. The story doesn't end with these four - there are more stories to be told. Will you stay with us?


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